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Recertification of BOP (Blow out Preventor)

Algoa Oil refurbished and re-certified an 18-3/4" 10,000 psi blow out preventor that has subsequently been sold. Refurbishing the BOP involved stripping it down to the last component & inspecting each item for wear & fatigue cracks. All seal areas that were worn or had corrosion pitting were rebuilt with welding under controlled conditions and to approved & qualified procedures.

The strict heat treatment requirements were monitored with thermocouples throughout welding & subsequent stress relieving cycle. After rebuilding the areas were machined back to "as new" sizes. The individual BOP components were then assembled with new seals throughout. This job required careful attention to detail and handling to prevent damage, which would render the part unserviceable. Pressure testing was carried out to API Specifications.

The BOP stack was then assembled and the framework around the stack completed. All rebuilding work and pressure tests were witnessed by the American Bureau of Shipping as well as all function tests of the control system. On completion, a certificate of acceptance was issued by ABS certifying the BOP to the British Department of Energy requirements, hence permitting the use of the BOP in the North Sea.

Algoa Oil continues to rebuild BOP Stacks to OEM standards.